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I selected Dr. Kaufman because he provided personalized care rather than an assembly line. I have worked with Dr. Kaufman for years in the operating room and I highly respect his skills as a corneal surgeon. My LASIK results were fantastic. I see 20/15 without glasses in each eye. My wife, my brother, and my father have all had laser vision correction by Dr. Kaufman. They also see 20/15 uncorrected in each eye. For a great LASIK experience I highly recommend Dr. Kaufman.

Michael Staab, M.D. Anesthesiologist



My wife and I chose Dr. Kaufman to do our LASIK procedures due to his outstanding education, training, and experience in the area of LASIK surgery. Beyond his outstanding qualifications and experience, what impressed me the most about Dr. Kaufman was the time he took both before and after the procedure to assure the best result. Further, Dr. Kaufman is truly "a nice guy" and was always accessible and answered every question. The result of my surgery was so outstanding that I was back to work the same day of surgery, despite Dr. Kaufman's advice to take the day off! Since my surgery, I have referred others to Dr. Kaufman, and do so without reservation in knowing that he is tops in his field.

John D. Holschuh, Jr., Medical Malpractice Attorney



When I considered having LASIK done there was an abundance of "drive thru" surgical options. Being diabetic and a physician I knew better. I chose Dr. Adam Kaufman because of his combined training in corneal and LASIK surgery. I was extremely satisfied with my visual result! I was also very impressed with the careful pre and post procedure evaluation and follow-up.

Mike Heile , M.D. Family Practitioner



As an operating room nurse, I was very selective about my choice for my LASIK surgeon. I chose Dr. Kaufman since he is a superb corneal surgeon. My results were perfect, and I actually see better than I did with either my glasses or contact. It had been nearly two years since my LASIK surgery, and my results remain fabulous. I strongly recommend Dr. Kaufman for anyone considering LASIK surgery.

Jason Mettler, R.N., Operating Room Charge Nurse



As chief anesthetist, I am in the operating room regularly and have exposure to many surgeons. Of all the ophthalmologists I know and have worked with, I chose Dr. Adam Kaufman to perform my procedure because he is so exact and meticulous in his work; I wanted only the best for my eyes and I got just that. He was precise and thorough each step of the way and the results of his work were remarkable. I would certainly choose him again and would highly recommend him to anyone who wants quality work.

Renee Shokoohe, Chief Anesthetist, V.A. Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH


As a physician, I methodically searched for the most careful and best qualified corneal surgeon. In the end, I chose Dr. Adam Kaufman. I was impressed by his very meticulous preoperative examination and his very attentive postoperative care. I really appreciated how Dr. Kaufman did not try and sell the surgery and leveled with me about the potential benefits as well as the potential risks. Because I had confidence and trust in Dr. Kaufman's abilities, I felt positive and comfortable with my decision to go ahead and have it done. The procedure worked great! I now drive without glasses, and my reading capacity has increased dramatically. Based on my positive experience, I regularly refer friends, patients or family members, who express an interest in laser surgery, to see Dr. Kaufman.

David I. Bernstein, M.D., Allergist








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